Animating adding/removing items with ng-repeat

I want to slide-up/slide-down items in a <UL> as they are added and removed.

I've followed the angular docs here, and am trying to use a simple js-hook based (rather than css-hook based) solution, that uses this angular animation:

app.animation('.slide', function () {
    return {
        enter: function (element, done) {
            element.slideDown(200, done);
        move: function(element, done) {
            element.slideUp(200, done);
        leave: function(element, done) {
            element.slideUp(200, done);

But, that doesn't work on the slide up, only on the slide down. I've recreated as a plunkr here:

Any ideas?


slideDown works for hidden item and slideUp just opposite of it.

So before slideDown you have to hide first

element.hide().slideDown(200, done);

Check the updated plunker

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