Finding mean of ascii values in a string MATLAB

The string I am given is as follows:

scrap1 = 
a le h
ke fd 
zyq  b
 ner i

You'll notice there are 2 blank spaces indicating a space (ASCII 32) in each row. I need to find the mean ASCII value in each column without taking into account the spaces (32). So first I would convert to with double(scrap1) but then how do I find the mean without taking into account the spaces?


If it's only the ASCII 32 you want to omit:

d = double(scrap1);
result = mean(d(d~=32)); %// logical indexing to remove unwanted value, then mean

You can remove the intermediate spaces in the string with scrap1(scrap1 == ' ') = ''; This replaces any space in the input with an empty string. Then you can do the conversion to double and average the result. See here for other methods.

Probably, you can use regex to find the space and ignore it. "\s"

findSpace = regexp(scrap1, '\s', 'ignore')

% I am not sure about the ignore case, this what comes to my mind. but u can read more about regexp by typying doc regexp.

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