AngularJS: How to debug the 'App Already Bootstrapped with this Element' error

In my AngularJS app I'm getting the follwing error when loading my site:

Uncaught Error: [ng:btstrpd] App Already Bootstrapped with this Element '<html lang="en" ng-app="app" class="ng-scope">'

I have ng-app only set once (in html element in _Layout.cshtml (ASP.NET MVC)) and I don't use angular.bootstrap so the issue mentioned here should not apply. How can debug the issue (using F12, Firebug, Chrome...)?


Use the following process:

  • Download the unminified Angular source
  • Switch the script tag to reference the unminified Angular source or setup a sourcemap from the minified code to the unminified
  • Set a breakpoint within the angular.bootstrap method definition
  • Use the call stack to trace the source(s) on the call(s)


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