$ne query not working with mongoose but working in mongoshell

When I execute this mongoose query

FinancedProject.find({_id:{$ne:fb.financedProjects.financedProjectId}).exec( callback);

where fb is an object like this

    _id: ObjectId("54das4da9dsa9d4ad4a9");
    name: "some",
    financedProjects: [
       {registry:"147", financedProjectId:ObjectId("13da4sd4sa48da4dsa")},
       {registry:"189", financedProjectId:ObjectId("5d5asd5a4sd5ada5sd")}

the result is undefined and when I execute it in the mongoshell the results are the expected


Because financedProjects is an array you have to address the element with [] like:

    _id: {
        $ne: fb.financedProjects[0|.financedProjectId
}).exec( callback );


mongoose ist JavaScript, so it follows the rules of JavaScript. fb.financedProjects is an array. So if you use the expression fb.financedProjects.financedProjectId this is evaluated to undefined by the JavaScript interpreter, because there is no financedProjectId property within that array (arrays have 0,1,2,3,... as properties). So mongoose does get { $ne: undefined } and has no chance to recognize that you meant the property financedProjectId of the array elements.

To achieve what you want, you can do this:

var arr = [];
for( var i=0; i<fb.financedProjects.length; i+=1 ) {
    arr.push( fb.financedProjects[i|.financedProjectId );
    $not: {
        _id: {
            $in: arr
}).exec( callback );

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