ms-access tricky situation in product entry

I have two Access tables access one is were I make entries for products like

whitepapter | pen | startDate | endDate
5           | 10  | 31/jan    | 02/feb

Stock product table:

whitepapter | pen
10          | 20

My goals is: When a user enters data, the application will check against stock product and date: If the end date is 1st january it show those 5 papers and 10 pens minus main stock, but if today is 03 february it will put them back to main stock:

What is the best way to approach this? I know about relation but i'm asking how to apply this in best way... The users that use this DB are not professionals so I'm looking the best way to give them this feature....


You can calculate the number of products needed now with this SELECT query:

    SUM(whitepaper) AS SumOfWihtepapers,
    SUM(pen) AS SumOfPens
    Now Between startDate AND endDate;

Also in Access you can use the AfterUpdate events of the TextBoxes in order to perform some logic.

As for the rest: At StackOverflow we like to help you when you got stuck while trying to programm something, but you must show some effort. What have you tried? Can you show us some code? Did it not work like expected? Did you get an error message?

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