ng-hide ng-show clarification needed

I have two forms in my one page client side web app in angular js/javascript

I got two forms

<form class="simple-form" ng-submit="createuser()">
Log in As: 
  <input type="text" ng-model="name.username">
  <input type="submit"/>

The createuser() method is basically pushing an object into an array of objects.

$scope.createuser = function createuser() {
        var safer = angular.copy($;  

$scope.users = [
    {'username': 'John'},
    {'username': 'Dan'},
    {'username': 'Judy'}, 
    {'username': 'Michael'},
    {'username': 'Rebecca'},
    {'username': 'Macy'},
    {'username': 'Ross'}

I have another form that is a message container, basically I want the submit message to show only when a new user got created

<div class="message_container">
    <p ng-repeat="message in messages">
    <form class="post-form" ng-submit="postmessage()" ng-show="createuser()">
        <input type="text" ng-model="">
        <input type="submit"/>

I am trying to use ng-hide and ng-show for this. I am thinking that the form should show when the ng-submit="createuser()" The createuser() ended up creating some users blank ones because its a method and its looking for an expression. should I be using ng-show and ng-hide, maybe I should use something else instead.


ng-show and ng-hide need an expression to determine their status. You could set a flag to true when you create a new user:

$scope.createuser = function createuser() {
    var safer = angular.copy($;  
    $scope.isNewUser = true;

<form class="post-form" ng-submit="postmessage()" ng-show="isNewUser">

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