converting Year and Month varchar to date

I have a table with Month , Year as varchar. I realized it was a big mistake. Since its getting too complicated to query this way.

 Year Month Productname 
      2013  11      ACB
      2013  11      CDE

I would now like to add another column called date and store these Year Month as a date to my existing table

   Year  Month   ProductName     Date
   2013   11        ACB          2013-11-01
   2013   11        CDE          2013-11-01

Is there a way I can do it for all the columns of the existing table ??

Please let me know


Convert your month and year columns to strings concatenated with '-'s and add '-01' to the end. Then convert to a date.

SET t.[Date] = convert(date, convert(varchar(4), 
                       t.[Year]) + '-' + convert(varchar(2), t.[Month]) + '-01')
FROM Table t

This will create a date for all records in your table.

It should just be a matter of concatenating things if I understand the problem.

For example:

update table1 set [date] = convert(date, month + '-01-' + year)

SET [Date] = DATEFROMPARTS([Year],[Month],1)

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