Cqlsh with client to node SSL encryption

Am trying to enable client to node SSL encryption in my DSE server.

My cqlshrc file looks like below

 hostname =
 port = 9160
 factory = cqlshlib.ssl.ssl_transport_factory

 certfile = /path/to/dse_node0.cer
 validate = true ;; Optional, true by default.

 [certfiles] ;; Optional section, overrides the default certfile in the [ssl] section. = /path/to/dse_node0.cer

When I tried to login into cqlsh shell then am getting the below error

Connection error: Could not connect to


There are several possible causes I hope one of these solutions is helpful.

1) The certificate in the ssl section is not the same as (derived from) the keystore specified in the cassandra.yaml file.

Solution: generate a certificate from the keystore used in the cassandra.yaml file and place that in the location pointed to in your cqlshrc file.

2) The certificate file or keystore is changed after starting the node. Cassandra loads a copy of the certificate when it starts up.

Solution: Restart the node.

3) In the certfiles section is over-ridden by the wrong certificate

Solution: use the correct certificate or drop the entry.

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