ASP.NET Website Compatability issue on IE11

I have a Website developed in ASP.NET which works fine in Chrome, Firefox browsers but not IE. It requires the Compatability to be set specifically in the browser. If we remove the compatability, the website is rendered useless.

Is there some solution to this other than putting in Meta Tags like :<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge" />


Most likely you have mobile.browser file in /App_Browsers.

The problem is that the mobile.browser file does not have an entry for IE 11 so it doesn't know how to treat it and by default it will send the response with an application/xhtml+xml header.

Two solutions:

  1. Remove the mobile.browser file
  2. Update the mobile.browser file to a recent version that has an entry for IE 11

Here is a write-up explaining my problem: Incomplete HTML in IE 11

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