Drop or Recreate database with Entity Framework Migrations (Code-First)

Which is the command to recreate or drop the database when using Entity Framework Migrations, not Initializers?

What should I write on the package manager console?


I'm looking for some command that gives me the same functionality as Database.SetInitializer<>(new DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges<>()); but with the migrations approach.


You can get the same behavior with Migrations by using automatic migrations.

PM> enable-migrations -EnableAutomaticMigrations

In Configuration.cs in the constructor, make sure automatic migrations and allow data loss are set to true...

public Configuration()
    AutomaticMigrationsEnabled = true;
    AutomaticMigrationDataLossAllowed = true;

Now whenever your model changes, just execute update-database...

PM> update-database

The schema will be changed to match the models and any existing data in the tables will stay there (unless it's in a renamed or removed column). The Seed method is run after the database is updated so you can further control any changes to the data in there.

I went into server explorer and manually deleted all the tables. Then went to the project\Migrations folder and deleted all the migration scripts.

Then a plain old Update-Database -Force did what I needed.

In VS2015, I did the following to resolve it: In solution explorer menu-->Show All-->The App_Data folder shows the LocalDb mdf file-->Right click the file and click Delete-->In Package Manage Condsole, run: Update-Database -Force

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