db connect to sql server studio management Error 53

I want attach my local MS SQL db to server can anyone suggest me how i can attach my db. Or how i can connect my sql server 2008 studio management to server. when i'm trying to connect my sql server studio management to server it's not connect showing Error

(Provider: Named Pipes Provider, error:40, and microsoft sql server error 53)


Short Answer

  • Check Firewall
  • Check Service is Running
  • Check TCP/IP is Enabled
  • Check SQL Server Properties "Allow Remote Connections"

Then Run these if Those Do not Resolve

  • Right-click on TCP/IP and select Properties.
  • Verify that, under IP2, the IP Address is set to the computer's IP address on the local subnet.
  • Scroll down to IPAll.
  • Make sure that TCP Dynamic Ports is blank.
  • Make sure that TCP Port is set to 1433.
  • If you have a named instance then you must have the SQL Server Browser Service enabled
  • The browser service runs on port UDP 1434 and this must be allowed through your firewall

Hail Mary Pass if this is Still not Resolved

  • Go to the client machine, and run cliconfg.exe If named pipes is listed first, demote it, and promote TCP/IP.
  • check if the firewall is blocking the named pipes port, which usually is 445

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