javascript preappend to load new div to the side of another

this jfiddle works fine but it loads the content vertically, I want to be able to load each new div to the side of the other to create a long horizontal list of divs. How can I do this? thanks


<div id="wrap">
<div id="content">


<button id="create" onclick="createDiv()">create</button>
<button id="create2" onclick="createDiv2()">create2</button>


#wrap{ height: 200px; position:relative; overflow-x:scroll;}
#content{height: 200px; position: absolute; bottom:0; left:0}
#child{height: 100%;width: 200px;background-color: #000;float:left;}


function createDiv(){
$('#content').prepend('<div id="div" style="height: 100%;width: 200px;background-color: rgb(0,114,157);">div1</div>');

function createDiv2(){
$('#content').prepend('<div id="div2" style="height: 100%;width: 200px;background-color: #000;">div2</div>');


Just make the child elements inline-block as opposed to block.


#content > div {
    display: inline-block;

Alternatively you could float them too.

It would be best to use the inline-block approach because you could then add white-space:nowrap to the parent element to prevent the elements from wrapping to a new line.


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