HTML 5 google publisher link validation error

HTML 5 google publisher link validation error:

    Error: Bad value publisher for attribute rel on element link: Not an absolute IRI. The string publisher is not a registered keyword or absolute URL.

From line 13, column 1; to line 13, column 75

</script>↩<link href=" publisher id" rel="publisher"> ↩</he

Syntax of absolute IRI:
    An absolute URL. For example:, but not /hello. Spaces should be escaped as %20. 


Have you try this:

<link rel="author" href="">

Passed HTML5 validation.

If you're using:

<link rel="author" href="" />

Google can't find the publisher link!

Better solution is:

<a href="" rel="publisher">Google Page</a>

Passed HTML5 validation!

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