Can't see my databases in OpenERP

I installed openerp 7 on ubuntu and worked for a while. When I restarted ubuntu, I opened openerp and tried to login but didn't find the databases I've created before and it took me to the (Database Management) page in order to create a new database as if it were my first time.

I tried to make a duplicate of an existing database as a workaround, but when I wrote the old database name, I got this message:

ProgrammingError: permission denied to copy database "test"

I tried to access postgres using pgadmin and I succeeded and could access all the databases from the pgadmin.


You need to give the access rights on particular database for particular openerp user. First Create the OpenERP user that will own and run the application

sudo adduser --system --home=/opt/openerp --group openerp

Then Next,

First change to the postgres user so we have the necessary privileges to configure the database.

sudo su - postgres

Now create a new database user. This is so OpenERP has access rights to connect to PostgreSQL and to create and drop databases. Remember what your choice of password is here; you will need it later on:

createuser --createdb --username postgres --no-createrole --no-superuser --pwprompt openerp
Enter password for new role: ********
Enter it again: ********

Finally exit from the postgres user account:


Here is source link

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