Intellij Idea can't find class files from other source

I added a module to my project and marked its source file as a source. It does not show any errors in code by when I compile and run it it can't finds other module's class files

Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.nabu.bloodworks.models.PlayerPosModel

Problem is it does not add path of .class files to class path. Why this happens? When I google it all I get is "mark src as source folder" and I already did that.

I am trying to use "Bloodworks" module both in my server and client. Server is a simple java server and it works as intended, can see and import bloodworks but client can't see it. Client is a libgdx application and I am trying to run desktop module. As you can see bloodworks/src is marked as blue and I added it to dependincies, am I missing something?


I suppose you should check export (for your module).

Otherwise desktop project won't be able to access that module after building.

Good luck.

I'm sure, it is too late to answer, but I had to follow a different approach for this error to resolve this issue. Simply exporting the jar or library didn't work for me.

I had to create this as global library and add that library to the module, then only the error is resolved. I didn't have to export this.

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