MS Access Change Event Not Firing

I am running the Change Event below to populate standard contact information. This has worked well when I select a name from the drop down menu. However, often times I just start typing the Account to find the correct one since it can be faster than scrolling through the Account list. However, when I tab or click to the next field its not recognizing the change and doesn't fire. What am I missing?

Private Sub cboAccountID_Change()
' Adds Account info to invoice
    Invoice_To = DLookup("Invoice_To", "tblClientLists", "AccountID =" & Forms![frmInvoices]!AccountID)
    Invoice_Email = DLookup("Invoice_Email", "tblClientLists", "AccountID =" & Forms![frmInvoices]!AccountID)
    Service_Type = DLookup("Service_Type", "tblClientLists", "AccountID =" & Forms![frmInvoices]!AccountID)
    Client_Rate = DLookup("Client_Rate", "tblClientLists", "AccountID =" & Forms![frmInvoices]!AccountID)
    Address = DLookup("Address", "tblClientLists", "AccountID =" & Forms![frmInvoices]!AccountID)
    Unit_Suite = DLookup("Unit_Suite", "tblClientLists", "AccountID =" & Forms![frmInvoices]!AccountID)
    City = DLookup("City", "tblClientLists", "AccountID =" & Forms![frmInvoices]!AccountID)
    State = DLookup("State", "tblClientLists", "AccountID =" & Forms![frmInvoices]!AccountID)
    Zip = DLookup("Zip", "tblClientLists", "AccountID =" & Forms![frmInvoices]!AccountID)


i think that because you are typing you are not actually changing/submitting anything. so the code has to be changed slightly from




(i'm not sure how the lookups will respond as you type.)

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