Getting is document pinned or not on Visual Studio 2012 tab bar in extension

I'm wondering is it possible to get is document pinned or not on VS tab bar, since this functionality was added only in 2012 VS it's hard to find any examples of people trying to do something with it. MSDN manual isn't helping on that matter either, because I guess the only way to find something about envDTE is through search.

I thought it should be stored somewhere in EnvDTE.Document or EnvDTE.Window objects but can't see anything related in there. But I'm probably missing something since they're not looking like they've been updated since the old Visual Studio versions.

So my question is - is there any way to achieve this kind of information?


The magic IVsWindowFrame property to query for is __VSFPROPID5.VSPROPID_IsPinned. So once you have an IVsWindowFrame, you can call GetProperty and that'll give you the pinned state.

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