Setting multiple values for Vim command -complete attribute

I am trying to enable command completion for a custom command that I am setting up for a plugin in the following manner:

command! -complete=shellcmd -nargs=* EScratch call s:ShellScratch(<f-args>)

I would like to enable complete options for shellcmd and file. However it seems that the complete attribute would only take 1 option.

To give a bit more context as to what I am trying to achieve: I am working on a plugin to create a simple scratch buffer. I would like to be able to run a shell command from the command mode and copy the output to the scratch buffer. I have been able to achieve all this but it would be much more productive to have auto completion similar to shell. The complete script can be viewed here Any pointers will be highly appreciated.


Unfortunately, you can't. If you really need this, you have to either

  • define two separate commands, e.g. :ScratchShell and :ScratchFile, with the corresponding completions, or
  • use a -complete=custom[list] and provide your own complete function, where you have to re-implement both sources yourself. Filename completion actually is quite easily done with glob(); I'm not so sure about shell commands.

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