Google closure: goog.require could not find: goog.ui

I'm learning google closure, and when I try to use the goog.ui component (any class thereof), I get the error goog.require could not find: goog.ui.

My code is:


The other components (at least before I try to load any ui element) work just fine.

Any suggestions on what this could be? I have the version cloned from git about two days ago. I'm not compiling, because at this stage I just want to figure out how to write the code.


You can use goog.require() on elements that have been provided by a goog.provide() before.

goog.ui is never provided because it's not a component or something that you can use directly with "static" methods (Contrary to that has listen() methods for instance). It's just a naming convention to regroup all visual components.

However, you can do a goog.require('goog.ui.Component') or goog.require('goog.ui.Button') for instance.

I was able to eliminate this by:

  1. Loading the base.js file directly from google's git repository:;

  2. Eliminating the attempt to require 'goog.ui' separately from any subcomponent thereof; and

  3. Moving the require calls into the HTML head directly (inside a script tag), rather than having them in a script loaded in the head.

This doesn't seem entirely satisfactory.

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