How to generate test data using Visual Studio 2012?

How do I generate test data using Visual Studio 2012?

I found these 2 articles on how to do it using VS 2010. But what about VS 2012?

My database is an SQL-Server 2008-R2 database.

Thanks in advance.


While this feature was in Visual Studio 2010 (if you added VSTE DBPRO), it did not make the cut for Visual Studio 2012 / SSDT (yet). This does not mean it will not make it into the product before the next release - it is the sort of thing that could come as a feature pack, power tool or even in a service pack. Same with database unit testing and data compare functionality.

As I suggested in a comment, in the meantime you could use a 3rd party tool like RedGate's SQL Data Generator. Also see this question for some other options. And hang in there. :-)

Database unit testing isn't supported in VS 2012 at all.

We would need to rely on 3rd party tools from now on as this feature will not be supported by Microsoft in the future. search for "Data Generation is not included and is not planned to be released in the future"

Not a big deal if we use test driven development. In TDD we would have component test touching database (full scenario coverage). We could use the same modules to create test data.

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