Regex using Interval Matching (Exact or Range)

I'm trying to use the regex feature of Ms Access 2007 VBA but I'm doing something wrong.

If I have a regex of:


The following gives me a True: $123.45 And these give me False: $12.23 or $123456.45 So all is good with this.

However, if I now test this, it gives me True !?


Isn't the second section of my regex, ie \d{2} stating that I can only have two digits after the decimal/period? This problem also occurs even if I put a boundary, ie \d{2,2}

Sorry; figured it out. I used the boundaries functionality.

Therefore the following now works:


If there are any other thoughts or suggestions I'd still be more than grateful


' you confirmed you don't want this ...
? RegExpTest("$123.456", "\$\d{3,5}\.\d{2}")
' you can add "$" to the regex pattern ...
? RegExpTest("$123.456", "\$\d{3,5}\.\d{2}$")

Function RegExpTest(ByVal pSource As String, _
        ByVal pPattern As String) As Boolean
    Dim re As Object ' New RegExp
    Set re = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
    With re
        .Pattern = pPattern
        .IgnoreCase = True
        .Global = False
        .MultiLine = False
    End With
    RegExpTest = re.Test(pSource)
    Set re = Nothing
End Function

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