How do I change hyperlink colors in Eclipse on a Windows 7 machine?

I use a dark color theme (oblivian) with Eclipse (Juno) and can't read the default blue hyperlinks. How do I change them? I went to Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Colors and Fonts -> Active hyperlink text color and changed it to cyan but this did not work.

I've seen this question asked/answered for Linux but not Windows.


Turns out it is a Windows system setting. The answer is actually contained in this question but for Windows XP.

To change in Windows 7: Control Panel -> Display -> Personalization (lower left corner) -> Window Color (bottom middle) -> Advanced appearance settings -> In the Item dropdown choose Hyperlink then choose the color you want. I went with cyan, much better!

Solution for windows 10: Create a class action law suit, to Microsoft into making a "high contrast theme", in which only the link color is different. 0000FF or something like that.

(I´m serious. Doing this would allow for a universal setting of link-color, which wouldn´t need a change for all programming languages for all workspaces, if it even works for all of them.)

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