How to test method that only print out message

I have method that print winner in the class Game:

public void getWinner(String winner){

   System.out.println("WINNER IS " + winner);


How can I test this method so far I have:

Game gm = new Game(); // it is declared in @before


public void test(){

  ByteArrayOutputStream outContent = new ByteArrayOutputSystea();

  System.setOut(new PrintStream(outContent));


  assertEquals("WINNER IS Bob",outContent.toString());


I have an error message that say

org.unit.ComparisonFailuter expected:<WINNER IS Bob[]> but was: <WINNER IS Bob[

Well could you please give me a tip on how to test getWinner method


omg don't do it! you don't have to test the println method. guys from sun and oracle have already done that - you can be sure it works. all you have to test is that you pass the right string to to that method. so refactor your code and create a function that return the desired string and test only that method by simple string comparison

From the documentation:

public void println(String x)

Prints a String and then terminate the line. This method behaves as though it invokes print(String) and then println().

So when you print the line in the method, there's a line separator after it which is defined as so:

The line separator string is defined by the system property line.separator, and is not necessarily a single newline character ('\n').

So you can either add a hardcoded line separator to your expected output, or you could use the following code to get the separator for the current system and append that.:


A mockist approach:

public void testGetWinner()
    // setup: sut
    Game game = new Game();
    PrintStream mockPrintStream = EasyMock.createMock(PrintStream.class);

    // setup: data
    String theWinnerIs = "Bob";

    // setup: expectations
    System.out.println("WINNER IS " + theWinnerIs);

    // exercise

    // verify

Pro: You don't need to care what System.out.println() does, in fact if the implementation changes your test will still pass.

I think you try to compare to strings with == when you should use .equals(). The strings are stored i a constant pool, but in this case you read a string from somewhere else, which not nescessarily goes into the constant pool.


assertTrue(outContent.toString().equals("WINNER IS Bob"));

or whatever your testing library calls it.

which looks for the characters in the String instead of the memory address ("ref") of the String.

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