Tab not showing properly

I recently installed a module on my website, which adds a tab. This tab is not showing properly. I have figured out the problem, but don't know how to solve it.

Problem is that when the tab is activated, it has display: table CSS assigned to it, which makes it appear wrong. However if I manually change it to display: block, it solves the problem. When the tab is not activated, display: none is assigned to it, which is fine.

How can I make it show up with display: block by default ?

There is no code in the mod's source files which anywhere directly sets it display: table, not even through javascript. So where is this display: table coming from ?

display: table:

display: block:


In one of your css files try to overload the style defined by the library/module generating the tab.

#tab-qa {
    display: block !important;

Note the !important directive and the concrete #tab-qa selector. This will ensure that the display property will be overridden even if it is explicitly defined via the style attribute or by any other less concrete selectors.

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