How to fix undefined offsets

I have a php notice stating undefined offset:1 on line 5 (in this example).

 1   private function checkForActiveControllerAndAction($filename, $navigation_controller_and_action) {
 3       $splitted_filename = explode("/", $filename);
 4       $active_controller = $splitted_filename[0];
 5       $active_action = $splitted_filename[1];
 6       $splitted_filename = explode("/", $navigation_controller_and_action);
 7       $navigation_controller = $splitted_filename[0];
 8       $navigation_action = $splitted_filename[1];        
 9       if ($active_controller == $navigation_controller AND $active_action == $navigation_action) {
 10           return true;
 11       } else {
 12           return false;
 13       }
 14   }  

What's causing it and how can I prevent this?


When you explode the $filename the string may not contain a / character, which means the whole of $filename will remain in the first element of the array (by default).

You should check the length of the array count or check if the element exists isset.

This is what causes the unknown offset error.

Readup on explode here:

To check if you can access the 2nd index:

if (isset($splitted_filename[1])) {
    // Code

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