PHP Array Map & Join in Wolf CMS

I'm attempting to add a set of data to a div's data attribute like so:

<div data-foo="<?php echo join(",", array_map(function($video){return $video->title();}, $videos)); ?>"></div>

But it fails at this line. However I have been able to verify that the array of videos do have titles. For example, this works:

<?php echo current($videos)->title(); ?>

I verified with an online PHP validator that there isn't a syntax issue, but I'm new to both PHP and Wolf CMS, so I'm not certain where it's failing or even how to properly debug it.

The desired output would be:

<div data-foo="84726530,84726614,84726779,84726915"></div>


Turns out it didn't like the anonymous function. Changing it to a named method fixed it.

<?php function callback($video){return $video->title();} ?>

<div data-foo="<?php echo join(",", array_map("callback", $videos)); ?>"></div>

Is this a version of PHP issue? Or does Wolf CMS limit things somehow? I have no idea, but at least it's working now.

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