Web worker: NotFoundError when I try to read a file created in the main thread

In Chrome 32, I've got an JS app where I write raw images from a canvas to a file and I want to close the file and open it for processing in a worker. I pass the file name to the worker and I can see that it's found and opened but as soon as I try to read it I get a DOM exception (NotFoundError).

// In my worker:
fs = self.requestFileSystemSync(self.PERSISTENT, quota);
var f = fs.root.getFile(rawFileName, {create: false});  // this works, f is valid
var reader = new FileReaderSync();
// At this point, 'reader' looks ok
rawFramesArrayBuffer = reader.readAsArrayBuffer(f); // My exception is thrown here.
log("Opened " + rawFileName + " for reading.");

In my main thread, I've tried setting my File and FileWriter to undefined to ensure the file is closed (I can't see a method for doing this), but it doesn't help. In any event, the spec says that a NotReadableError should be thrown if the file is locked, but I don't see this.

If I step through the code, everything pauses for about 5 seconds when I step over the readAsArrayBuffer line and then the NotFoundError is thrown.

If I create a DirectoryReader and enumerate all the files, I can see that my file exists.


You may want to pass the images to the worker rather than saving them and having the worker open a file.

Here is a page with sample code


But it does depend on how big your image is.

I found this interesting but haven't tried to do processing from the computer camera so it may help you out.


I needed to access the file via the FileEntry:

rawFramesArrayBuffer = reader.readAsArrayBuffer(f.file());

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