No rule to make target `–f'

I am trying to make a c file like

make –f makefile1

This is my make file:

TestAssn1: test_assign1_1.o dberror.o storage_mgr.o
        cc -o TestAssn1 test_assign1_1.o dberror.o storage_mgr.o
test_assign1_1.o: test_assign1_1.c test_helper.h dberror.h storage_mgr.h
        cc -c test_assign1_1.c
dberror.o: dberror.c dberror.h
        cc -c dberror.c
storage_mgr.o: storage_mgr.c storage_mgr.h dberror.h
        cc -c storage_mgr.c

But I only get this message:

make: *** No rule to make target `–f'.  Stop.

How should I correct this?


You need to use a normal dash (-), not an en dash, in the command.

My guess is you copied this command from a blog or other web source. Many blog/web frameworks have a bug where they will replace typewriter punctuation with their typographically correct counterparts even within code formatted text.

This is very odd as your make usage is correct per

Please try some of the other formats for this option:

-f file, --file=file, --makefile=FILE  
    Use file as a makefile.   

Otherwise, perhaps your make is not the one listed in that man page (which is GNU make).

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