How can I add the context menu and the Ribbon tab in the same Ribbon.xml

I am implementing a new addin for Office 2010. How to add the context menu and the Ribbon tab in the same Ribbon.xml file? I tried adding the ribbon and the context menu in the same Ribbon_Load onAction, but the context menu is not created at all.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<customUI xmlns=""           onLoad="Ribbon_Load" loadImage="Ribbon_LoadImage">
  <tab idMso="TabAddIns">
    <group id="groupExcel" label="Excel" keytip="P">         
<contextMenu idMso="ContextMenuText">
  <button idMso="FontDialog" visible="true" />
  <toggleButton id="MyToggle" label="My Toggle Button" />
  <button id="MyButton" label="My Button" insertBeforeMso="HyperlinkInsert"        onAction="mycontent" />
  <menuSeparator id="MySeparator" />
  <menu id="MySubMenu" label="My Submenu" >
    <button id="MyButton2" label="Button on submenu" />
  <dynamicMenu id="MyDynamicMenu" label= "My Dynamic Menu" getContent="GetMyContent" />

But I can see that the context menu is not loading nor visible in after clicking right on one of the cell. I am using .net c# 4.0 VSTO 2010

Please help me in this Thanks


I am able to achieve this.

<contextMenu idMso="ContextMenuText"> 

I changed ContextMenuText to ContextMenuCell.

<contextMenu idMso="ContextMenuCell">

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