how do I exclude user defined exceptions in the visual studio 2010 debugger?

I have a web application where I attach the visual studio debugger. I am trying to locate a specific problem and it keeps stopping on exceptions I do not care about.

I have managed to uncheck the .NET exceptions by going to Debug->Exceptions. However when I add the name of the exception from the third party tool, I cannot keep it from stopping on those exceptions.

What am I doing wrong? The exceptions dialog wouldn't have a place to add exceptions if they didn't expect you to add your own, would it?


You must add the fullly qualified name of the Exception (ie, include the namespace) when you add an exception to the list.

You can do that by going to Tools -> Options -> Debugger -> General -> "Enable Just My Code". This will cause debugger to stop at only your code.

The answer of Omer Raviv is right: Specify the fully qualified name of the exception!

Just to make clear how the Exception-Window in VS 2010 should look like, here is a screenshot of a user defined exception that will not be stopped at while debugging:

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