Android unsafe:tel: with phonegap application

I coded an application with phonegap.

I have a phone numbers list that I receive from a server. when an item from a list is clicked the controller trigers this function:

$ = function(number){
        document.location.href = 'tel:' + number;

on an iPhone it's ok, but on an Android I get:


why? Is it a utf-8 encoded problem?


some systems dont take the + in to considerations, i know i have had some issues with that in the past with older projects. one thing you could do is replace the + with 00 two zero's is the same as a plus, which then becomes a full integer without the + which might the the issue with the internal parser.

$ = function(number){
   document.location.href = 'tel:' + number.replace("+","00");

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