Taking data from database

I have data saved in database from forms like this how:

    a:3:{i:0;a:2:{s:8:"field_id";i:36;s:10:"user_value";s:5:"John";}i:1;a:2:{s:8:"field_id";i:37;s:10:"user_value";s:21:"john@gmail.com";}i:2;a:2:{s:8:"field_id";i:38;s:10:"user_value";s:159:"some form text";}}

Where I can get more information how to deal with this saving style? I need to take emails, and other inputs to array in php.


Try this:

This serialize styled data stored in database. You need to do reverse it. You can take help from: http://in3.php.net/unserialize

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