Running node from a bash script: output console.log

I'm running a node script from bash. Something like:

echo "Executing mynodescript.js..."
node mynodescript.js

Inside "mynodescript.js" I have a console.log("Hello from mynodescript.js"). How can I do to output it on my terminal window? So executing the bash script above would output something like:

> Executing mynodescript.js...
> Hello from mynodescript.js


The following code in your node script should work: console.log('some text');

If it doesn't, make sure your PATH is correct within the shell script when executing node. The path to your node binary isn't set at the system level (within /etc/paths) then you may need to use the /absolute/path/to/node nodescript.js within the shell script.

If that isn't the issue, verify your node script syntax is correct.

How about this

echo "Executing mynodescript.js..."
node mynodescript.js 2>&1

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