Sencha generate app java error

I am attempting to generate a sencha touch 2 app from within my touch-2.3.1 directory using the following command:

sencha generate app NewApp ../newapp

But I get the following error:

Sencha Cmd v4.0.2.67
[INF] init-plugin:
[INF] cmd-root-plugin.init-properties:
[INF] init-properties:
[INF] init-sencha-command:
[INF] init:
[INF] before-upgrade:
[INF] generate-app-impl:
[INF] generate-starter-app:
/root/bin/Sencha/Cmd/ line 58: 11092 Killed java $jvmArgs -jar "$BASEDIR"/sencha.jar "$@"



The answer to this problem was deceptively simple - update Java.

what happened was when I experienced my original problem as described here, I had Sencha Cmd v4.0.1.4 installed. Uninstalling that and installing Sencha Cmd Sencha Cmd v4.0.1.45 in a attempt to resolve the problem, I didn't realise my stable working environment was being compromised.

Anyway, when I resolved the problem linked above I was now running Sencha Cmd v4.0.2.67 which I eventually realized was not compatible with java version "1.6.0_27" OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.12.6) (6b27-1.12.6-1ubuntu0.12.10.4) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.0-b12, mixed mode).

I updated by executing apt-get install icedtea-7-plugin openjdk-7-jre and my generate commands ran to completion.

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