Getting 'active_link_to' to work properly with Pagination

I am trying to get active_link_to to work properly when I use pagination. I have 3 nav-tabs and they all work fine when selected, however, when I click on my pagination button to view more records my current nav-tab losses it's active status (style). What steps do I need to fix this issue?

Also 1 more minor issue if somebody doesn't mind. I'm using a log-in screen to get me to my main layout. When I log in, none of the nav-tabs are active. How do I render this? If I click on one of them it shows active but I want the 1st tab to display active by default. Again, I am using active_link_to.

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Here is my updated post with Code:

In my Gemfile I have

gem kaminari gem active_link_to

In my projects_controller.rb

@projects = Kaminari.paginate_array(@projects).page(params[:page]).per(10)

In my index.html.erb

At the end of my page



<%= paginate @projects %>

In my projects_helper.rb

def active_link_to(text, link)
    content_tag(:li, :class => request.fullpath == link ? 'active' :nil) do 
      link_to text, link

In my Layout application.html.erb

<ul class="nav nav-tabs">
   <li><%= active_link_to("Active Projects", projects_path) %></li>


The problem is you are trying to match the link to the fullpath entirely and your fullpath will sometimes contain a query string which will break the fullpath == link if you don't also include the query string in your link.

One possible solution would be to match a substring of the fullpath, something like this:

def active_link_to(text, link)
    content_tag(:li, :class => request.fullpath.starts_with?(link) ? 'active' :nil) do 
      link_to text, link

Or even using Ruby String's [] method to ask if a substring is present in the string:

def active_link_to(text, link)
    content_tag(:li, :class => request.fullpath[link].present? ? 'active' :nil) do 
      link_to text, link

You can also try a Gem that provides the method you want:

It uses a more comprehensive method of matching paths.

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