Access a controller's instance variable from a block using instance_eval

I'm making a breadcrumb module for my Ruby on Rails application, but I wanted a specific syntax - which I thought was good looking and more intuitive for Rails developers.

Here's the deal:

class WelcomeController < ApplicationController

  breadcrumb_for :index, :text => 'Home', :href => -> { root_path }

  def index

See, it's neat.

You can safely ignore the everything else but that proc - what I assign to the :href key.

I use instance_eval so that when the proc is evaluated it has access to the root_path helper.

And it worked. The example above is okay. BUT then I wanted to use an instance variable and that didn't work.

Like this:

class WelcomeController < ApplicationController

  breadcrumb_for :index, :text => 'Home', :href => -> { @path }

  def index
    @path = root_path

Now, in that proc context @path is nil.

What should I do so I can access the instance variables from the block ?

Below is all the code of my module. Note that when I "process" the blocks and use instance_eval (aka call my module's #breadcrumb) the action should already be evaluated so the instance variable @path should already exist.

module Breadcrumb
  extend ActiveSupport::Concern

  included do
    cattr_accessor(:_breadcrumb) { [] }

    helper_method :breadcrumb

    def self.breadcrumb_for(*args)
      options = args.pop
      _breadcrumb.push([args, options])

  def breadcrumb
    @breadcrumb ||= do |item|
      puts item

      if item[0].include?(params[:action]) || item[0][0] == '*'

        text, href = item[1].values_at(:text, :href)

        if text.respond_to?(:call)
          text = instance_eval(&text)

        if href.respond_to?(:call)
          href = instance_eval(&href)

        [text, href]


Oh no. I'm ashamed to say but it was my mistake. The code above works just fine, I was using different variable names in my application, not shown in the excerpt I used in the question.

Thanks anyway, I'll left it here for reference.

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