RSpec tests fails without factory_girl reload

I was having trouble getting one of my spec tests to pass until I forced a reload on the user object after an activation. I'm fairly new to BDD and rails, am I completely misusing factory girl in this instance? Should I have mocked something instead?

For reference I am using the sorcery gem for user activation.

describe "GET activate" do
  context "with valid attributes" do
    it "activates a new user" do
      user = FactoryGirl.create(:pending_user)
      expect {
        get :activate, id: user.activation_token
      }.to change{user.activation_state}.from("pending").to("active")


I think what's confusing here is how you are triggering activate vs. how you are trying to verify that it worked.

You're activating via the controller get :activate, but then validating via the model user.activation_state. reload is necessary in this case, because you have to reload the attributes from the database in order to see that activation_state has been changed from pending to active. get :activate has no affect on your user instance.

To make it more clear you could:

  1. Check for an activation result on the page that activate responds with or check a controller instance variable (there's probably an @user)
  2. Perform the activation from the model instead. I assume this could be a unit test that instead calls some user.activate(activation_token) method. Then, checking the user instance without reload will work.

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