Localization of Windows Pathname in Python or PyQT

I seaching now some days for a solution but can't find anything... I hope you can help.

I need the translated windows path in python.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Calculator.lnk

is in Windows Explorer on german Systems:


I need this translated Path/File name in Python or PyQT - If I use e.g. os.walk() it gives me real (untranslated) file names back - This is correct for most usage but in my special case I need the translated file/folder names...

Thank you very much


The Windows API for this is SHGetLocalizedName.

This is a fairly new function (Windows Vista onwards), and so it does not seem to be currently available in PyWin32. However, you can always wrap the function yourself using the ctypes module if there's not a ready-made solution available.

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