Wrapper cookbook and cookbook_file resource gives FileNotFound error

If my base cookbook is something like this:

SSLCERT = node[:site][:SSLCert]
cookbook_file SSLCert do
    path "c:/tmp/#{SSLCert}"
    action :create_if_missing

And my wrapper has

override[:site][:SSLCert] = "cert.pfx"

I would like to specify the cert.pfx file in the wrapper cookbook's file/default/cert.pfx

However when I run the wrapper, I get

FileNotFound: cookbook_file[cert.pfx] does not contain a file at any of these locations....

How do I specify the cookbook file is in the wrapper and not in the base cookbook?


I think you might need to change your wrapers cookbook to have files plural with an s instead of file.

e.g. files/default/cert.pfx

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