< character in RichTextBox causing issues

EDIT - Sorry folks, i guess i wanted to "obscure" my work code too much... i don't know why it got so many downvotes but anyway. see below for update/edit with actual code.

I am trying to insert a piece of text into an existing section of a line (<data) which resides at the beginning of a line in my RichTextBox control. However, whenever i do that in the following manner:

private void AddSelectedIntellisense(object sender, EventArgs e)
        ToolStripItem x = sender as ToolStripItem;
        int cursorpos = this.txt_Body.SelectionStart;
        string final = this.txt_Body.Text.Insert(cursorpos, x.Text);
            //final var at breakpoint is equal to "<data log=\"Original\""
            //then i assign it/that to the RTB.Text
        this.txt_Body.Text = final;
            //when checked with breakpoint, this.txt_Body.Text is equal to
            //"log=\"\"<data log=\"Original\"" 
        this.txt_Body.SelectionStart = cursorpos + x.Text.Length;

I am thinking that it is the < character that is causing issues when i assign the string to the .Text property (because if i replace the < with a [ in my logic, no problems), but i don't know how to fix it... if you could help me i would really appreciate it.

I also checked all of the indexes manually and they all lign up perfectly... so i don't know why the RTB.Text value is different than the string but if someone knows please tell me.



You are first setting:

txt = this.RTB1.Text.Substring(starts, length);

Then on the next line you are replacing the value of txt:

txt = this.RTB1.Text.Insert(index,"log='test'></data>");

You are probably looking to concatenate the strings:

string txt = this.RTB1.Text.Substring(starts, length);
txt += this.RTB1.Text.Insert(index,"log='test'></data>");
this.RTB1.Text = txt;

Ok folks... i suppose i'll give it to Aaron, since it's like somewhat related and nobody else answered.

The answer was: I am using the RTB.On_TextChanged event to fire off the intellisense based on a condition. However, because i am also setting text the RTB.Text value within the Intellisense, the condition became true twice and added the specific text twice. So i setup a flag when i add intellisense text and check it in the on_textchanged event.

Cheers and sorry for the confusion.

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