How to Multiple Arrays (+formation) using PHP and Simple HTML DOM

I found my way around web scraping and i'm trying to figure out he proper way to get data from the buffer that is filled with the page.

  • i'm including my variables, that have timezone and simple html dom in it

  • i get the img's and the titles from searching the dom, but can't seem to find a way to have multiple queries with the foreach, i know i'm missing on knowledge here, but i've hit bottom on searching and reading.

  • i get variables from a previous form using get thats why i have the query string on the top.

what i need is :

  • to fetch the data in an array

  • to be able to use them inside a table and such. (image on the left wrapped text on the right and some other data.)

thank you in advance, help is going to be greatly appreciated.

// includes and variables
include($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/includes/variables.php");                             // all includes
// decleratus
$url = ''.$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];                  // url+selected from prev
// shd stuff
$html = new simple_html_dom();                                                              // Load shd
$html->load_file($url);                                                                     // Load a file
// 1st array
foreach ($html->find("div.row img") as $varImgStr) 
    $varImg = '<p style="margin-left:25px">' . $varImgStr. '</p>';
    echo $varImg ;
// 2nd array
foreach ($html->find("div.row span strong") as $varTitleStr) 
    $varTitle = '<p style="margin-left:25px">' . $varTitleStr. '</p>';
    echo $varTitle ;
// does echo full $html output
//echo $html;                                                                               
// clear mem

I'm deploying on my workplace an off-line (no internet needed) app using Php Desktop.

What i'm using :


Try a multidimensional array:

foreach ($html->find("div.row img") as $varImgStr) 
    $mainArray['varImg'][] = '<p style="margin-left:25px">' . $varImgStr. '</p>';

foreach ($html->find("div.row span strong") as $varTitleStr) 
    $mainArray['varTitleStr'][] = '<p style="margin-left:25px">' . $varTitleStr. '</p>';

This creates an array with two elements - ['varImg'] and ['varTitleStr']. Each of those elements is an array containing all of the images or titles found. You can print_r($mainArray); to see the structure. Note that this approach depends on finding the same number of images and titles in the same order.

//To print the array in a simple table

echo '<table><thead>

for ($i=0; $i<count($mainArray['varImg']); $i++) {
     echo '<tr> <td>' . $mainArray['varImg'][$i] . '</td> 
           <td>' . $mainArray['varTitleStr'][$i] . '</tr>';

echo '</tbody></table>';

Note that in the for loop, the count is taken from $mainArray['varImg'], not from $mainArray. You can read more about multidimensional arrays here.

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