How to get value of array inside another array in php?

I made a php page in which I got the array within array value.

Here is my array:

Array (
  [events] => Array ( [0] => 5 [1] => 7 [2] => 8 )
  [fromdate] =>
  [todate] =>
  [description] =>
  [subject] =>
  [fromname] =>
  [replyto] =>
  [senddatetime] =>
  [timezone] => America/Los_Angeles
  [message] =>
  [submit_skip] => Continue

This array is the POST data from previous page. I want to get events value in a variable. How can I do this?

I use this for getting events value but it gives me the array but I want to get first event value

echo $eventid=$_POST['events'];


To echo:

echo $_POST['events'][0];

To assign it to a variable:

$eventid = $_POST['events'][0];

To assign the array to a variable and get the value from the new array:

$events = $_POST['events'];
$eventid = $events[0];

[0] represents the key of the first value since it is set to be 0.


echo $_POST['events'][0];

Assign to variable:

$eventid = $_POST['events'][0];

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