Python testing. raw_input testing

I have a python function that asks if user wants to use current file, or select a new one. I need to test it. Here is the function:

def file_checker(self):
    file_change = raw_input('If you want to overwite existing file ?(Y/N) ')

    if (file_change == 'y') or (file_change == 'Y') or (file_change == 'yes'):
        logging.debug('overwriting existing file')

    elif file_change.lower() == 'n' or (file_change == 'no'):
        self.file_name = raw_input('enter new file name: ')
        logging.debug('created a new file')
        raise ValueError('You must chose yes/no, exiting')
    return os.path.join(self.work_dir, self.file_name)

I've donr the part when user selects yes, but I dont know how to test the 'no' part:

def test_file_checker(self):
    with mock.patch('__builtin__.raw_input', return_value='yes'):
        assert self.class_obj.file_checker() == self.fname
    with mock.patch('__builtin__.raw_input', return_value='no'):
    #what should I do here ? 


According to mock documentation:

If side_effect is an iterable then each call to the mock will return the next value from the iterable. The side_effect can also be any iterable object. Repeated calls to the mock will return values from the iterable (until the iterable is exhausted and a StopIteration is raised):

So the no part can be expressed as follow:

with mock.patch('__builtin__.raw_input', side_effect=['no', 'file2']):
    assert self.class_obj.file_checker() == EXPECTED_PATH

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