Displaying data from multiple databases on a webpage

I am attempting to create an information screen so that people can have a quick glance at it and be able to read the information from it with ease, this entails displaying certain pieces of data from different database tables in one database. Possibly 4 or 5 different tables. these will be then be displayed in a table on the web page for people to see.

What would you recommend is the best way? i could just use a select statement for every piece but if I am taking 3 bits of data from one table and 4 bits from another, surely there is an easier way to gather this data and display it?


If the data is truly in entirely separate SQL databases, then you will have to connect to each one, run your query, and disconnect. You can compile all the data using PHP and display it to the user.

If you meant the data is in separate database tables (not separate databases) then you can probably compile one query to pull it all -- if the data is related to each other -- or run the 4 or 5 queries needed to pull that data.

You will need to be more specific and share code if you want further help.

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