How to clean up this jQuery snippet correctly

I'm using this jQuery snippet to change the background position of a image, when the links are hovered. But I have to add alot more selectors to it, and it's going to take up alot of lines this way, but I cannot seem to find a way to minify it? Can it be done? Or maby there is a more correct way to do this background changing?

<script type ="text/javascript">
    jQuery(".panel-image").css('background-position','0px -135px');
    jQuery(".panel-image").css('background-position','0px 0px');
    jQuery(".panel-image").css('background-position','0px -265px');
    jQuery(".panel-image").css('background-position','0px -560px');
    jQuery(".panel-image").css('background-position','0px -410px');


I'll add a common class like panel to all the 5 elements 1-panel, .... 5-panel, also add an additional data-* attribute like data-imagebp like

<div class="1-panel panel" data-imagebp="0px -135px">...</div>
<div class="2-panel panel" data-imagebp="0px 0px">...</div>
<div class="5-panel panel" data-imagebp="0px -410px">...</div>


jQuery(function ($) {
    var $pimage = $(".panel-image");
    $(".panel").mouseenter(function () {
        $pimage.css('background-position', $(this).data('imagebp'));

Note: There is no need to use hover() here as you are not doing anything in mouse leave event, so you can just register the mouseenter handler

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