Sonar-runner - cannot find the sources for '#include <pthread.h>'

I'm trying to run sonar-runner on a project of mine.

Relative to the root of the project directory, I have several subdirectories each which has its own subdirectories which contain the source code.

I followed the SonarQube and Sonar-runner documents and got the server and (embedded) database running fine. As a matter of fact, the runner can show me in the SonarQube web interface dashboard some analysis. However, the one I care about the most, "Issues", is missing and I suspect it's because the runner can't find any header files while it's executing.

All I see during sonar-runner execution is

cannot find the sources for '#include <pthread.h>'
cannot find the sources for '#include <time.h>'

and so on. It also can't include custom headers.

I'm running this with the Coverity and cxx community plugin if that makes a noticeable difference.

Note: I ran the example sets for both java and C and they run fine.

The commands are in my path so at the root of my project I run:



on your sonar-properties files set the sonar.cxx.includeDirectories to the folder that contains the header for example:


see wiki although its not necessary to check because it says the same thing.

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