my website has flash needed to change to a static image when website is viewed on mobile when using bootstrap?

Hi all I am using bootstrap for the first time. I am using Bootstrap 3.

I have created an a front page and was trying to figure out when a user is on the website on a desktop machine the Flash or the swf can be seen. But of course when on mobile for example Apple products they can't view the flash or swf file.

Is there a way so when a user uses their mobile or tablet a static image or carousel comes into play just something similar to the menu buttons collapsing to the 3 lines in tablet and mobile?

The Flash page for test:


You can hide the container containing flash for mobile and show another container with a static image.

Something like:

<div class="visible-xs visible-sm">
  ... put your static image here ...
<div class="visible-md visible-lg">
  ... put your flash here ...

Check the responsive classes for more informations.

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