genymotion: "player.exe sttoped working"

I installed the package of GENYMOTION for windows(7) from their official web. It installed me the Oracle VM VirtualBox and the Genymotion. After that I opened the VirtualBox and then the Genymotion and downloaded the Galaxy Nexus-4.3-API 18-720x1280 and some others (all with API 18).

Then I tried to run it but after a while appered a message saying: "player.exe stopped working". I've been a lot of time trying to make it work but I really donĀ“t know how to fix it...

Here I leave a link to my logs:





I solved it!! As it says in their FAQ:

When you start a virtual device, you got an error about OpenGL initialization. This is probably due to an outdated video driver, or a very old video chipset. Try to update your graphic card driver using the latest version provided by your manufacturer (available on their website).

Firstly you have to know your video cards name and version. In Windows you can learn by this way

Control Panel -> Display -> Change display settings -> Advanced settings

after that you search google for updated driver and install it. I fix this problem by this way. My video card is Intel HD grapshic 3000 and I download this

driver and fix my problem. I hope you will solve this problem.

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