How can I extract a list of files with download counts from an Apache log

Good day! I have a standard Apache log file, and I'd like to be able to extract a list of downloaded .m4a files in a specific directory, along with a count of how many times each was downloaded. I know how to do this for a single file, with:

grep filename.txt logfile | grep " 200" | wc -l

But that just gives me a single number, and I need to know each file name ahead of time.

What I'd like to get out is a sorted list of download counts and file names something along these lines:

650 /podcasts/12323.m4a
623 /podcasts/12329.m4a
601 /podcasts/12329.m4a
432 /podcasts/11521.m4a

And so on... Thanks!

cheers... -Adam


Try with

cat access.log | awk '$9==200 { print $7 }' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n

(where the file name is in the 7th and 200 in the 9th position of the log file)

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