Position fixed on scroll starts before it reaches the top (top div)

I have now so that #filter (my sidebar white select list) becomes fixed when it reaches the top and stay there during the scrolling until it reaches the foot and releases.

My problem is that I have a <div> box in the head that is positioned fixed, so #filter will not be fixed from the get to the top of the page. which means that I get a snatch before it attaches to position fixed. How can I get it to become fixed 40px before reaching the top?


$(function() {
    var top = $('#filter').offset().top,
        footTop = $('#outside_footer_wrapper').offset().top,
        maxY = footTop - $('#filter').outerHeight();
        console.log(top , footTop, maxY);

    $(window).scroll(function(evt) {
        var y = $(this).scrollTop();
        if (y > top) {
            if (y > maxY-130){
                var min = y - maxY + 130;
                console.log('mayor y menor', min);
        } else {



Add/change the if statement to this:

if (y >= (top-y)) {

Here's the link jsfiddle


Change it back to this $('#filter').css('top','-'+min+'px');

updated jsfiddle

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